Process / Description

Each piece is unique no two pieces are alike. You will receive a piece similar to but not exactly the same as the one pictured.

The process starts with selecting the colors that works best for the decal that will be on the clock. All clocks have unique painting techniques, the paint design is based off the decal.

It’s a 24 process for the paint to fully dry, once the paint dries we place the decal and the numbers or selected pieces on the clock (such as baseballs, jewels, shells, etc…).

The pouring of the two part epoxy resin is challenging due to the temperature and humidity in the room, some canvases are just very temperamental, and the resin refuses to dry around the edges. The epoxy resin takes 24-36 hours to set, and an additional 12 hours to cure.

The last step is drilling the hole in the canvas and assembling the clock mechanism.


  • Round 12×12, 14×14
  • Square 12×12, 20×20
  • Rectangle 9×12, 11×14
  • Custom sizes also available


  • Primed Gesso canvases
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Decals
  • Two part epoxy pouring resin
  • Clock Mechanism
pouring acyrlic paint on canvas
Step 1: Pouring acyrlic paint on canvas
Blow drying technique on pour painting
Step 2: Blow drying technique on Pour Painting
Pouring resin on poured painting
Step 3: Pouring resin on Pour Painting
After pouring resin making sure entire canvas is covered
Step 4: After pouring resin making sure entire canvas is covered
drilling hole for clock mechanism
Step 5: Final step drilling hole for clock mechanism